Premier Interactive Display

Over 10 Years of Experience specializing in indoor LCD displays, OEM/ODM turn key solution provider

Products Serials

J/C curved Display

Immersive, panoramic, high-quality visuals

Windows Facing Display

High-brightness, anti-glare, visible in sunlight

Double Sided Display

Space-efficient, dual-view, high visibility

Indoor Stretched Bar Display

Ultra-wide aspect, dynamic content display

Interactive White Board

Collaborative, touch-sensitive, engaging

Elevator Display

Compact, high-resolution, ideal for ads.

Indoor Portable Display

Lightweight, versatile, easy to set up

Interactive Kiosk

Touch-enabled, user-friendly, multi-functional

Rotatable Display

360-degree rotation, versatile viewing angles

Self Service Kiosk

Automated, efficient, reduces staff load

Double Sided Totem

Dual-display, maximizes visibility

Menu Board

High-clarity, easy updates, energy-efficient

Indoor Floor Standing Display

Sturdy, high-impact, customizable

Transparent LCD Screen

High clarity, customizable, versatile for retail

Indoor Wall Mounted Display

Sleek, space-saving, easy to install

Mirror Display

Innovative, dual-purpose, aesthetic

Package and Shipping

The robust, secure, and eco-friendly packaging ensuring product safety and sustainability

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