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Optical Bonding Screen

Enhanced visibility, reduced glare, and increased durability for high-impact environments.

Outdoor Potable Display

Easy to transport, robust build, and adaptable for various outdoor events.

Wall Mounted Display

Space-saving, easy installation, and customizable for diverse outdoor applications.

Outdoor Floor Standing Display

Weather-resistant, high brightness, and interactive features for engaging customer experiences

Double Sided Display

Dual-viewing angles, maximized advertising space, and energy-efficient design.

Drive Thru menu board

High-resolution, easy-to-update, and optimized for quick-service restaurants.

Hanging Display

Lightweight, versatile placement, and eye-catching for retail and event spaces.

Stretched Bar Display

Unique aspect ratios, ideal for narrow spaces, and dynamic content delivery.

Bus Shelter Advertising display

High-visibility, vandal-resistant, and real-time content updates for public spaces.

Details of LCD Digital Signage


7x24 hours working for none-stop, suitable use for all outdoor environment

High definition、High brightness

High brightness of 2000cd/m2, highly definition


The shell structure is designed with waterproof grooves and air inlet and outlet holes to meet the IP55 protection level


The air inlet and outlet of the machine are designed with a special medium and high-efficiency dust-proof filter, which filters fine dust in the air and prevents mosquitoes from entering the inside of the machine

outdoor lcd display 1

Sun protection、Lightning protection

Industrial-grade high temperature resistant screen is adopted, which is not afraid of direct sunlight; the electric control box is equipped with a lightning protection device C machine lightning protection

Anti corrosive

The shell is made of 1.5mm SGCC galvanized steel plate, sprayed with Akzon outdoor special powder, and the protection period is more than 7 years.


specialized world three-point anti-theft lock for outdoor cabinets, without any exposed fasteners

Products Features

outdoor lcd display 3

High visibility

Outdoor digital signage is designed to be easily visible from a distance, making it an effective way to grab the attention of passersby.

outdoor lcd display 5

Interactive content

Outdoor digital signage allows for the display of interactive content, such as videos, images, and animations, which can be used to engage and inform viewers.

outdoor lcd display 7

Remote management

Many outdoor digital signage systems are capable of being remotely managed, allowing for easy updates and changes to the content being displayed.

outdoor lcd display 9


Outdoor digital signage is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

outdoor lcd display 11


Outdoor digital signage can be customized to display a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, and more.

outdoor lcd display 13


Many outdoor digital signage systems are designed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce operating costs and minimize their environmental impact.

outdoor lcd display 15


Outdoor digital signage is typically made with durable materials and construction, making it able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

outdoor lcd display 17


Outdoor digital signage is often available in high-resolution, allowing for crisp and clear display of content.

outdoor lcd display 19

Multiple display options

Outdoor digital signage is available in a variety of display sizes and styles, allowing for flexibility in placement and installation.

How We Do

PIDISPLAY Highlights

  • Product Range: Comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor LCD displays, touch monitors, outdoor TVs, 55-inch OLED displays, and LCD video walls.

  • Skilled Workforce: Over 200 trained professionals operating in a 3000-square-meter facility.

  • Tailored Solutions: Highly flexible customization options to match unique client needs.

  • Top-Quality LCD Panels: Utilizing premium A+ level LCD panels for superior quality.

  • Exceptional Touch Panels: Offering high-quality touch panels with outstanding performance.

Specialized Team

  • 8 Specialists: Mainboard, firmware, touch PC, PCB-board designers, high brightness, and optical bonding experts.

  • 2 CAD Designers: Focused on creating the perfect base for Gatstech’s products.

  • 3 Software Specialists: Ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

  • 6 Project Engineers: Skilled in effective project management.

  • 4 Global Support & Repair Specialists: Providing comprehensive support and analysis.

Advanced Lab Equipment

  • Cutting-edge equipment for rigorous testing and validation.

Dedicated Quality Management

  • Quality Assurance Team (2): Ensuring stringent quality standards.

  • Quality Control Inspectors (6): Conducting thorough inspections for product excellence.


Production and Inspection Equipments

outdoor lcd display 57

Laser Cutting Machine

outdoor lcd display 59

CNC bending machine

outdoor lcd display 61

Pressure Resistance Tester

outdoor lcd display 63

Press riveting machine

outdoor lcd display 65

Grounding resistance tester

outdoor lcd display 67

Terminal machine

outdoor lcd display 69

Electric soldering Iron

outdoor lcd display 71

Power Consumption Tester

outdoor lcd display 73

Air Compressor

outdoor lcd display 75


outdoor lcd display 77

Wind Speed Tester

outdoor lcd display 79

Brightness Tester


What is Outdoor LCD Digital Signage?

Outdoor LCD digital signage refers to digital display boards used outdoors for advertising or information dissemination. These devices are equipped with LCD screens that can showcase high-quality images and videos, enhancing the visibility and impact of your content in an outdoor setting.

What are the benefits of using Outdoor LCD Digital Signage?

Using outdoor LCD digital signage can help in: Attracting more attention due to dynamic content. Offering flexibility in content management. Saving costs on print materials. Enhancing audience engagement with interactive features. Delivering targeted advertisements effectively.

Are they weather-resistant?

Yes, our outdoor LCD digital signage is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and longevity in different outdoor environments.

Can the content be updated remotely?

Yes, our outdoor LCD digital signage solutions come with remote content management capabilities, allowing you to update the displayed content from anywhere, anytime.

What types of content can be displayed?

You can display a variety of content types, including images, videos, text, live feeds, web pages, and more, offering a versatile solution for your advertising and information dissemination needs.

What are the installation options available?

Our outdoor LCD digital signage can be installed in various ways, including wall mounting, freestanding, and custom installations to suit your specific requirements.

What is the lifespan of Outdoor LCD Digital Signage?

Our outdoor LCD digital signage is built with high-quality materials and technology, offering a lifespan of several years with proper maintenance and care.

How does it perform under direct sunlight?

Our signage is equipped with high-brightness screens and anti-glare technology to ensure clear visibility even under direct sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Is it possible to integrate Outdoor LCD Digital Signage with other systems?

Yes, our digital signage solutions can be integrated with various systems, including content management systems, analytics tools, and more, to create a comprehensive advertising solution.

What kind of support and maintenance services do you offer?

We offer a range of support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your outdoor LCD digital signage, including technical support, regular maintenance, and timely repairs.

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