Aluminum Outdoor Digital Signage


We installed large 65” high bright with 3000 nits outdoor digital signage with full aluminum structure in the corner of Arts center.

Due to such application place, its request is concise and looks artistic, so we adopt the structure to be full aluminum.

Such structure materials is with light weight and better performance of anti-corrosion, with front door access, while need to maintenance, it just need to push it in the front, then the hydraulic rod will pop up, and let the door open in the front.

Its back cooling design is like a shutters, which makes it with enough and various air flow channel. This can makes it with excellent cooling performance.

And based on its settled in extreme hot weather place, we using industrial level screen(110C Tri) and our super-conduct cooling technology(fast cooling and all inside is uniform temperature technology) to makes it no screen black out happen.


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