Top 10 Outdoor TV Brands

What are the Top 10 Outdoor TV Brands

1.Sunbritev 2.Terrace (Samsung) 3.Neptune 4.Miragevision 5.PIDISPLAY 6.Sealoc 7.ProofVision 8.Seura 9.Furrion 10.Sylovx

In the era of smart homes and technologically-driven outdoor spaces, there’s a rising demand for outdoor entertainment

With resistance to weather conditions, improved brightness to combat sunlight, and designs that blend with your patio, they’ve become a sought-after addition to many homes.

However, with so many brands vying for attention, making an informed choice can be overwhelming. Fear not, for I’ve curated a list of the top 10 outdoor TV brands

Brief Introduction of Top 10 Outdoor TV Brands

1.SunbritevHigh price range, specializes in 3 categories: Full Shade, Partial Sun, Full Sun. High brightness options. IP55.

2.Terrace (Samsung):Premium pricing, Partial and Full Sun categories. Exceptional brightness and IP55/56.

3.Neptune:Owned by Peerless AV, focuses on Partial Sun and Shade. Medium price range, IP54.

4.Miragevision:Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Series. Covers Partial Sun to Full Sun. Wide price range.

5.PIDISPLAY:Offers Premier and Low-cost series. High brightness, 4K, and Full Sun category. IP65.

6.Sealoc:Based on Samsung, offers Coastal series. High brightness and IP68/IP67.

7.ProofVision:UK brand, high-brightness Aire and Lifestyle series. Higher-end pricing. IP65.

8.Seura:Shade and Full Sun categories. Premium pricing especially in Sun Series. IP55/56.

9.Furrion:Medium price range, Partial Sun and Full Sun categories. IP54.

10.Sylovx:Offers 3 series: Pool, Pool Pro, and Pool Pro QLED. High brightness, IP55.

Specification Chart for the brands on 55 inch full Sun Model

BrandSizeEnvironmentBrightness(nits)PriceResolutionThicknessWeightIP gradeFront cover glassOperation Temperture
Sunbritev55″Partial Sun700$4,8684K91.4 mm29 kgIP55yes-31° to 50°C
Sunbritev55″Full Sun1500$5,9984K114.4 mm29 kgIP55yes-31° to 50°C
Terrace55″Partial Sun1500$3,4994K61 mm29 kgIP55yes-30° to 50°C
Miragevision55″Partial Sun450$2,0654K61 mm17.7 kgIP55no-20°C to 60°C
Miragevision55″Partial Sun700$2,4954K76.2 mm14.5 kgIP55no-20°C to 60°C
Miragevision55″Full Sun1500$2,9654K76.2 mm17.4 kgIP55no-20°C to 60°C
PIDISPLAY, Premier55″Full Sun2500$1,9994K78mm37kgIP66yes-20°C to 60°C
PIDISPLAY, low cost55″Full Sun2500$2,4994K85mm37kgIP66yes-20°C to 60°C
Sealoc55″Full Sun1400$5,2594K27 mm17.7 kgIP68/IP67no-30° to 50°C
ProofVision55″Full Sun1500$6,0734K93.5 mm30 kgIP65yes-20C to +60C
Seura55″Full Sun2000$7,9994K96.5 mm27 kgIP56yes-40° to 60°C
Furrion55″Partial Sun750$2,5494K97 mm30.4 kgIP54yes-20°C to 50°C
Furrion55″Full Sun1500$2,9994K97 mm30.4 kgIP54yes-31°C to 50°C
Sylovx, Pool55″Full Sun2000$2,1994K81.3 mm22.7 kgIP55no-30° to 50°C
Sylovx, Pool Pro55″Full Sun2000$2,5994K81.3 mm22.7 kgIP55no-30° to 50°C
Sylovx,Pool Pro QLED55″Full Sun2000$3,3994K81.3 mm22.7 kgIP55no-30° to 50°C


Selecting the right outdoor TV brand is crucial for ensuring durability, quality, and overall performance. Whether it’s for a backyard patio, outdoor bar, or large event space, each brand offers unique features catering to specific needs. While the choices are many, it’s essential to prioritize factors like display quality, weatherproofing, and cost-effectiveness. Choosing the right outdoor TV brand for your needs is paramount to get the best viewing experience. you’re bound to get a top-quality outdoor entertainment system. Before purchasing, always verify the specifications with the manufacturer’s website and consult with specialists.

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